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Clan [yW] 'Young WARRIORS' JOIN Page


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Once you are in the Clan Young WARRIORS, SIGN-IN our "Members ONLY SIGN-IN" page .It is a ROSTER of our Members .

(NOTE: [yW]Clan is no longer active, its Roger Wilco, Message Board, and web site still work. The [yW] web site is here to show and teach new people how to make and run a successful global internet gaming clan. See for the complete tutorial.) [ back to ]

How to JOIN our Clan.


  1. You can NOT be in any other Clan and be a Member of our Clan. We demand 100 % LOYALITY.
    (Except you can be in the TiC Clan, they are our ALLIES)

  2. READ our RuLeS AND our Clan Structure pages untill you understand ALL da RuLeS. If you have any questions, ask a Drill Sergeant to explain it, OR post a message on the [yW] Message Board.

  3. Pick ONE GAME NAME to use, set your Roger Wilco Nickname, Your ICQ Nickname, and your GAME NAME Nickname to the SAME NAME. Kiddies that cant make up their mind and switch their dofuss names every 2 weeks cause too much confusion.

  4. Go get the FREE Roger Wilco and ICQ software programs BEFORE you can get a TRY OUT . Go to ourLINKS Page for more info on downloading and installing them.

  5. Go post a message on our Message Board , include the following information about your self:

    A. GAME Name Nickname :___________?
    B. Email ADDRESS :__________________?
    C. ICQ # number :_________?

    D. Who recruited you :____________?

  6. To REQUEST A TRY OUT for the [yW] Clan ,

    Click HERE ---->

    (A Drill Sergeant will contact you with in a day or 2 , you will have be pateint.)

  7. Even though you are not in our Clan, as long as you are a nice person and have read the RULES you can play with us.That way, we can get to know you and you can get know us.

  8. Before you get a TRY OUT you will have to become a [yW-G]GUEST. Make sure you read the CLAN STRUCTURE page for instructions on HOW to become a GUEST or How to get become a BootCamper/get a TRY OUT.

  9. To be in the [yW]'Young WARRIORS' Clan you have to be fun and help with the Clan. You have to always act like a decent person to everybody , especially when you wear the "[yW]" TAG, do not disgrace or emabrasses the Clan.

  10. If you PASS a TRYOUT that a [yW]Drill Sergeant gives you and they think you are OKAY, they will give you the OFFICAL INITIATION into the [yW] Clan , THEN they will tell you to put the [yW]TAG on your name and they will posts the OFFICAL ANNOUNCEMENT on the Message board saying you are OFFICALLY in the [yW]Clan. They will make sure you go to the "Members ONLY SIGN-IN" page and SIGN-IN to the ROSTER.

  11. Once you are OFFICALLY in the Clan, you must wait about a day after the OFFICAL ANNOUCEMENT for the Roster webmaster to add you to the Roster page .


JOIN the [yW] Clan NoW and be a Drill SERGEANT ! !! Tell people to shine their BOOTS !!



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