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(NOTE: [yW]Clan is no longer active, its Roger Wilco, Message Board, and web site still work. The [yW] web site is here to show and teach new people how to make and run a successful global internet gaming clan. See for the complete tutorial.) [ back to ]

Requirements for Promotion to VETERAN [yW]:


  1. The purpose of Boot Camp is to allow the new members to orient themself to life in the [yW] Clan.   The main function of Boot Camp is to teach you how to play as part of a TEAM.  Teamwork is the secret behind the success of [yW].  We expect our VETERANs to know how to play as part of a team, both on and off the servers.

  2. How long a Member stays a [yW-BC] before getting PROMOTED is dependent on YOUR maturity level, YOUR particapation in the Clan , YOUR level of performance in games, YOUR overall contribution to the Clan .

  3. YOU have to Conduct yourself in a mature manner.

  4. YOU have to KNOW, Honour and OBEY -ALL- of the rules listed on the [yW] RULES page.

  5. YOU have to Help out with finding servers, reading IP's,  making sure that the teams are even, and that  all Clan members play on the  same side and PLAY AS A CLAN.

  6. YOU have to Help to train the [yW-G]'s and the newer members of Boot Camp.  This includes participating in their OFFICIAL TRYOUTS, helping them configure Roger Wilco, ICQ, and Gamespy, helping out with Mic Checks, and helping the Drill Sergeants to resolve any concerns or problems that [yW-G]'s or new [yW-BC]'s might have.

  7. You must have installed and be " knowledgeable " in RW , ICQ, GameSpy .

  8. You must have a JOB in the yW Clan, like yW web page maker, Drill Sergeant , RW server operate, game server operator, script writer, logo maker, gamespy Expert , ICQ Expert, RW Expert, Trainer, Gamer Organizer (invites people into games and picks servers reads IPs), Event co-ordinater (like the "Map Night" Event), or RECRUITOR etc. You MUST be HELPing out with SOMEthing in the Clan.

  9. You must have been conducting yourself , playing, leading , working for the Clan AT the VETERAN Level for serveral weeks BEFORE you will be RECOMMENDed to be PROMOTED to a VETERAN.
    (YOU have to PROVE you are can "act like a VETERAN" -BEFORE- you will even get RECOMMENDED).

  10. If you think you are ready to be PROMOTED , YOU have to contact a Drill Sergeant and tell him "I think I'm ready for PROMOTION". THEN the (2) Drill Sergeants will decide -IF- HE/SHE will decide if you are ready for PROMOTION or NOT.

  11. The first question the Drill Sergeant is going to ask is:

    "" WHY do you think you should be PROMOTED . please list the things YOU have done for the Clan ?""

  12. You must PROVE to the Drill Sergeants that you are ready to assume a role of Leadership in the Clan, and serve as an example to the Boot Campers and Guests.

  13. If a Drill Sergeant says "NO, you are not ready" , he/she should be able to give you a reason WHY you are not getting PROMOTED. DO NOT go from Drill Segeant to Drill Sergeant asking them to RECOMMEND you for PROMOTION, if the first one says "NO". ALL the Drill Sergeants will get Notifed if you ASK one of them to RECOMMEND you for PROMOTION.

    "Con" men DO NOT get PROMOTED !

  14. It might take up to a week for a Drill Sergeant to get back to you on weither you are going to get PROMOTED or NOT. Be Patient !

  15. It takes the Recommendation of (2) Drill Sergeants.

    Members DO --
    NOT-- contact COUNCIL Members for a Promotions.

  16. If a Drill Sergeant RECOMMENDs you for PROMTION and a no other Drill SERGEANT agrrees with him. The Drill Sergeant will inform you of WHY you were not PROMOTED at this time and give you a list of things you need to work on.

  17. The 2 Drill SERGEANT preform the actually PROMOTION Ceremony ( THEN you will be a [yW] VETERAN ! )

  18. Congratulations New VETERAN !




JOIN the [yW] Clan NoW and EARN you up to becoming a Drill SERGEANT ! !! Tell people to shine their BOOTS !!



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