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Clan [yW] 'Young WARRIORS' Clan STRUCTURE Page


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(NOTE: [yW]Clan is no longer active, its Roger Wilco, Message Board, and web site still work. The [yW] web site is here to show and teach new people how to make and run a successful global internet gaming clan. See for the complete tutorial.) [ back to ]

Clan Structure :



yW Clan's Structure and Tags.


This is where you START .You go to the JOIN page and REQUEST a TRY OUT.

We call these people a "TRY OUT". Here you will be introduced to the yW DRILL SERGEANTs and some of the Members of yW Boot Camp.We prefer to play with you in a couple of games on several different occasions while using Roger Wilco for about a 3 days before you be given a CHANCE to get the GUEST QUIZ . This will allow us to get to know you and you to get to know us and for you to READ our "RULES" and "Clan Structure" pages. You do not have to be the best player in the World (all though we do have some really great players), but you do have to be a NICE person and FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. You will need to follow the "JOIN " page instructions.

GUEST : [yW-G](GUEST of the yW Clan)

Once a person has Requested a TRY OUT --AND-- has READ all of the RULES and JOIN Pages AND -IF- a Drill Sergeant thinks a person is READY for A TRY OUT and would be a good assest to the yW Clan AND once the person has played with the Clan/Drill Sergeant for AT LEAST 3 days /Occassions , THEN the [yW] Drill Sergeant will give you the QUIZ on the RULES and Clan Structure Pages and THEN Authorize the new person to put [yW-G] in front of their game name, making them a "[yW-G] GUEST". The "[yW-G] TAG lets everybody in the yW Clan know that the person wearing it has taken the first steps to becoming a Member of their Clan and has been APPROVED for a for a TRY OUT by a Drill Sergeant.

A GUEST is still NOT a member of the Clan YET , they have to pass their OFFICAL Boot Camp TRY OUT first.


After a [yW-G]GUEST has played with the Clan for at LEAST a week and PROVEN that THEY will be an ASSEST to the Clan ,THEN a Drill SERGEANT , if they think you are ready, will give you a TRY OUT . ---IF--you have pass your OFFICAL Boot Camp TRY OUT given to you by a [yW] Drill SERGEANT,--- THEN-- you will be in the yW Clan. In yW Boot Camp you will be introduction to the yW culture. Boot Camp is run by Drill Sergeants. Only Drill Sergeants have the power to make someone an OFFICAL yW BOOT CAMP Member. Boot Camp Members as well as other Members will, from time to time, be called upon to help evaluate other people who want to TRY OUT. This will allow current Clan members an opportunity to have some input as to who becomes one of their Clan's members.

Once you are get into Boot Camp you are IN the yW Clan !! Welcome ABOARD !!

How to get PROMOTED to [yW-R] VETERAN



Once you are SPONSORed by (2) [yW] Drill SERGEANTs to be PROMOTED to a VETERAN , SUCCESS, you'll then be a [yW] (Veteran) Member . THEN you can proudly display the [yW] tag in front of your name for the whole World to see. You will be able to move Mountains and wild animals will fear you . You will give valuable guidence to the junior yW Members as we attack and destroy the enemy.The (2)Sponsoring Drill SERGEANTs will post the OFFICALLY ANNNOUNCEMENT on the Message Board.

The yW COUNCIL consist of :

[TiC]EVIL , [TiC]RC , [TiC]Driller

These are guys who oversee the yW Drill SERGEANTS.
P.S. DO NOT make them mad, PLEASE . It will not be good for you. If you feel that a yW Clan Member's actions are not appropriate feel free to post a message on the yW Message Board to the COUNCIL .


Positions of Authority and Job Titles:


Drill Sergeant:

A Drill Sergeant has the Authority to make someone a Boot Camper [yW-BC] or a GUEST [yW-G]. They are responsible for giving Boot Camp TRY OUTs and training new members. IT takes (2) Drill SERGEANTS to make someone a VETERAN. Drill Sergeant are Members of the Drill Sergeant Cadre. ALL Drill SERGEANTS answer to the COUNCIL .ONLY a COUNCIL Member can make someone a Drill SERGEANT .

Basicly the [yW]Drill SERGEANTS RUN the yW Clan.



They are responsible for generally how the Clan is run and the general conduct of the Clan. All Clan Members answer to the COUNCIL Members on any issue. Only COUNCIL Members can kick someone out of the Clan, but if a Drill SERGEANT RECOMMENDs something , it probably WILL happen. COUNCIL members are the only ones that can make someone a Drill SERGEANT or give "Clan JOBS" to anyone.

Basicly the COUNCIL OVERSEEs the [yW]Drill SERGEANTS and the DRILL SERGEANTS actually RUN the yW Clan.



JOIN the [yW] Clan NoW and EARN you up to becoming a Drill SERGEANT ! !! Tell people to shine their BOOTS !!

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