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Clan [yW] 'Young WARRIORS' SWAT Page


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Fight for the Right to be the BEST of the BeST ............ SWAT !!

(NOTE: [yW]Clan is no longer active, its Roger Wilco, Message Board, and web site still work. The [yW] web site is here to show and teach new people how to make and run a successful global internet gaming clan. See for the complete tutorial.) [ back to ]

S.W.A.T.....Special Warriors Action Team


SWAT is an ELITE Group of YoungWARRIORS that have proven through PASSING a vicious TRYOUT and meeting a rigorous Practice schedule they are the Best of ther Best and this ELITE Team represents us in Clan Matches. SWAT stands for Special Warriors Action Team.


You have to be a Member of the Clan to TRYOUT for SWAT. The Member in charge of SWAT decides when we have TRYOUTS for SWAT, usually it is once a month, watch the Message Board for announcements of this Event.

SWAT Practices:

SWAT Practices are setup by the Member running SWAT. The Member in charge of SWAT decides when we have practices for SWAT (See the Practices and Matches SCHEDULE.)

SWAT Matches:

The Member in charge of SWAT decides WHO and WHEN we fight in MATCHES. If you want SWAT to fight another clan contact the Member in charge of SWAT.

SWAT Leadership:

SEE the Roster page to to find out which [yW] Member currently is in charge of SWAT.

Want to be in SWAT?

If you want to be in the YoungWARRIORS' SWAT, then show up for Regular Clan Practices and improve your TEAM playing abilities. Prove you are reliable by making Practices. Then wait until the NEXT SWAT TRYOUT. If you are the BeSt of the BeST then you will make [yW]SWAT .

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