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Clan [yW] 'Young WARRIORS'How to be GUEST QUIZ Page



How to GIVE a [yW-G] "GUEST QUIZ".


If you are a Drill SERGEANT and have a PRINTER you might want to PRINT this page out so you can use it like a CHECK LIST when you give a GUEST QUIZ to a new person.

ONLY give the GUEST QUIZ to ONE guy at a time, make a PRIVATE RogerWilco channel , then only let ONE guy on at a time, then give the QUIZ.

If some one gets a Question WRONG, STOP the QUIZ.

Tell them to go RE-READ the JOIN , RULES and CLAN STRUCTURE pages. If they come back in a hour or 2 and STILL miss a question, give them a couple of days to re-read these pages until they "get it" right.



# Question
1. Are you in ANY other Clans?
2. Do they have ICQ and RogerWilco installed and working properly ?
3. Have you read and followed ALL the INSTRUCTIONS on the yW JOIN page?
4. Have you posted a message on the yW Message Board, that the JOIN page tells you to do?
5. Have YOU read ALL of the RULEs and CLAN STRUCTURE pages?
6. What is a "COUNCIL Member" ?
7. Name ALL the "COUNCIL Members"?
8. What is a "Drill SERGEANT" ?
9. What is a "GUEST"?
10. Did you understand ALL of the RULES on the RULES page?
11. Did you find ANY RULE that was an UNUSAL or STRANGE RULE when you read the RULES page?
12. Why do you want to a part of the YoungWARRIORS Clan?
13. Everyone in yW has to have some type of "Clan job", how will YOU HELP OUT?



Do NOT let ANY Jerks into our Clan ! ! !


( This page was orginally created 22July,2000)

Page last updated (07/22/00)

Allrights reserved.