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Clan [yW]YoungWARRIORS

Roster SIGN-IN Form

If a SERGEANT or higher has approved you as a New Member of the [yW]YoungWARRIORS Clan, then please SIGN-IN the Roster. Your info will be SUBMITTED after you hit the SUBMIT button at the botton of this page. Your info will be reviewed then posted on the Roster page with in 2 days .

Form for [yW] Roster

1. What is your GAME NAME NickName? (required)

2. What is your Email ADDRESS? (required)

3. What is your ICQ Number? (required)

4. What COUNTRY are you from? (required)

5. What is your AGE? (required)

6. Who RECRUITED you? (required)

7. Which Drill SERGEANT or COUNCIL Member OKAYED you into the Clan? (required)

8. What GAMES do you like? (required)

9. Tell us a little bit about your self and your skills? (required)

10. How did you FIRST hear about the YoungWARRIORS Clan? (required)


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