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Clan [yW] 'Young WARRIORS'How to be TRY OUTs Page


Great RECRUITS make a GREAT Clan !!!

How to GIVE a TRY OUT .

GUIDLINES for GIVING a TRYOUTs for Officers .

Members that want to get PROMOTED should read this page , even if they are not an Officer yet.

If you have a PRINTER you might want to PRINT this page out so you can use it like a CHECK LIST when you give a TRY OUT to a new person.





1. A 3days
becoming a
Before anybody gets a to be a [yW-G], they should have been playing with our Clan/ Drill Sergeant at least 3 days before they are given the [yW]G] QUIZ.

The Drill SERGEANT gives the [yW-G] QUIZ and only gives it to people that are HELPing to make the yW clan better in some way.

The Drill Sergeant ONLY gives the QUIZ to people that THE Drill SERGEANT is ABSOLUTELY SURE is ready to become a GUEST and is some one that we want in our Clan.

2. one Week
-AS- a
Before anybody gets a TRY OUT for yW Boot Camp, they should have been playing with our Clan at least a WEEK as a [yW-G].

This makes SURE they are serious about JOINing [yW] and will sticK around . They should be making contibutions to our Clan by hosting Events, teaching others, helping enforce the RULES, organizing game play, reading ip#s,etc etc.

3. Ask OTHERS ICQ the other Members, Drill Sergeants, and COUNCIL Members and ask them what they think about the guy that you are about to give the TRY OUT to.

This is DOUBLE CHECKing to make sure that the NO one has seen the new guy acting like a jerk. PLUS its a CURTISACY to the other Members, Drill SERGEANTS and COUNCIL Members ,,,you are letting them know what you are doing. We can ALWAYS simply KIcK someone out of the Clan ,but it is 20 times EASIER to NEVER let a JERK in the Clan in the first place.

4.. Freindly The TRY OUT Drill SERGEANT should make sure that the new person is a Freindly person. Talk to the new person a little bit before the TRYOUT. Ask them how long they have been playing Halflife TFC, CounterStrike , ask them what classes they like to play, what is their favorites games, what kind of connection do they have cable or modem. Make sure they are NOT a jerk. If they are a jerk, do NOT give them a TRY OUT.
5. THEIR CLAN JOB Since a Clan is only made up of its Members, to have a GREAT clan ALL of its Members must help out the Clan in some way, ask them HOW WILL THEY HELP OUT THE CLAN , anybody can organize games and invite Members in them , they could Recruit, help at
Practices, RUN a Clan Event, make Logos or Scripts for Members, etc, etc, etc,
6. NO other Clan They can NOT be in ANY other Clan .

(EXCEPT the TiC Clan, because the TiC clan are our ALLIES)

7. ICQ Make sure they have the free ICQ program installed and working. Get their ICQ# number and give them yours.
8. Roger Wilco Make sure they have the free Roger Wilco program installed and working and have their MIC ADJUSTED PROPERLY. Make sure they know how HOW to do a RW Mic Check.
9. ONE NICKNAME Make sure that they have their Roger Wilco , ICQ and Game Name set to the SAME NICKNAME . Its a lot less confusing that way for everybody (its a RULE too)
10. 2 hours Ask them to make sure THEY (and YOU too) have the (2) hours available to do the TRYOUT uninterupted, before you start the TRY OUT. A TRY OUT takes at least 1 1/2 hours, so make sure everyone has plenty of time.
Make sure they have read all the JOIN and the CLAN STRUCTURE and the RULES pages . Ask if they have ANY QUESTIONS out these pages.

Give them the [yW-G]GUEST QUIZ again, just to make sure they know WHO is in charge and the RULES.

This is a DOUBLE CHECK to make sure we ONLY let people in that KNOW the RULES.

12. Their MESSAGE Make sure they have posted a MESSAGE on the message board saying that they wanted a TRY OUT (the JOIN pages tells them to do so)(that way all the other Members will know who is trying to JOIN their clan).
13. RW BACKUP Make sure you tell them about the RW BACKUP PLAN . If the Roger Wilco Server goes down during the TRY OUT, they will need to turn on ICQ and you will make a temporary Roger Wilco channel and ICQ them the .
14. GET HELP Try to GET SOME HELP from the other current Member of [yW] to help you give the TRYOUT. Two (or more) heads are always better than one.Plus, it gives the current Members a chance to look at the New Members and meet them.

ICQ the Members asking them to help you give the new guy his TRY OUT.

Post a Message on the Message Board that you are about to give them a TRY OUT.

15. Give TRY OUT A. Pick a server to give the TRY OUT on and make sure it has enough empty spaces so that everybody on Roger Wilco can fit on it. You might want te guy getting theTRY OUT to pick the server and read the IP out to every one.

B. Tell the person that is getting the TRY OUT to JUST PLAY LIKE THEY NORMANLLY DO.

C. Watch their score as compared to other [yW]Members with a ping similar to the new persons.

D. Watch how well they use Roger Wilco while playing as a team (telling you about where the enemy are, if they have the flag , if they drop the flag, do they read out the IP number to new people getting on Roger Wilco,etc,etc,etc.) Correct them if they do something wrong , but do NOT yell at them, TRY to make them a better player.

F. Sometimes they will be a little nervious. Once you start the TRY OUT just let them play a little bit at first. Dont follow them around at first. Do NOT tell any one ,but as the TRY OUT is going on, every 10 or 15 minutes, look at the scores and compare your score AND ping to his and OTHER yW guys. If he has a really HIGH ping then his scores will be lower, if he is dieing while fighting to save our flag , his personal score might be low, because he is a GOOD teamplayer.

G. If the guy is attacking his teamates, does not talk on RW, cusses people for no reason, does anything STUPID, or if you have to tell him or ask him to do something over and over again because he does NOT paying attention ,,do NOT let him in the Clan.

16. ADD TAG If the person PASSES the TRY OUT tell them they are OFFICALLY in the Young WARRIORS Clan and to add the TAG to their Roger Wilco, ICQ, and Game Name Nicknames.

The Drill SERGEANT that gives the TRY OUT , will also preform the INITIATION CERENMONY.

Always try to do the INITIATION CEREMONY as soon as a new Map JUST starts. Have everyone go to ONE RESPAWN Room . Some maps are really good for INITIATIONS (2forts,Well,Rock,Crossover). If the map has more than 2 respawn rooms WAIT for another map. During an INITIATION, people like throwing grenades and they get killed, if there are a lot of respawm rooms people cant find one another fast .

Get everyone on RW to go to one respawn room and stand against the wall.Spray the yW Logo in the middle of the respawn room and ask new guy to stand on it .

Ask him " Do you ALWAYS promise to be LOYAL to the yW Clan ?"

There is ONLY ONE correct answer, it is "YES".

If they say "yes" , tell them that "You are NOW OFFICALLY in the yW Clan" . Then tell everyone else to come up and congratulate them too.Note: Usually a big 20 minute long crowbar party errupts.

If they PASS, then you (the Officer giving the TRYOUT) needs to make the OFFICAL ANNOUCEMENT on the Message Board, include the new guys Game Name and ICQ# number letting everybody know we have a new Member and that YOU said they PASSED their TRYOUT.
  HELP THEM If they do NOT pass, tell them what they have to work on to get in (do not be rude to them HELP THEM if the fail the TRY OUT ).Give them an ESTIMATE of how long you think they need to play with us before you think they will be ready for a TRY OUT again(2-3 weeks or 2- 3 months) . Give your best guess.





( This page was orginally created Feb23,2000)

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