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REQUEST a TRY OUT for the [yW] Clan

(NOTE: [yW]Clan is no longer active, its Roger Wilco, Message Board, and web site still work. The [yW] web site is here to show and teach new people how to make and run a successful global internet gaming clan. See for the complete tutorial.) [ back to ]

(for the [yW]Clan)

We take your answers to this form VERY seriously . It will determine if you get a TRY OUT or not. We get a lot of applications each Month. It would, be best to make sure you do not leave out any information and give your BEST answers.

Just complete this form to REQUEST a TRY OUT.
Then click on
SUBMIT at the bottom of the page, when ready to send.

  1. What is Your Game Name ?

    (you MUST pick and use ONLY ONE game name)

  2. What is Your Email address ?

  3. Do you have ICQ yet ? (its free)

    YES _ NO

  4. If you have ICQ already, what is your ICQ # number ? (its free)

  5. Do you have Roger Wilco yet ? (its free too)

    YES __NO

  6. What Country are you from ?

  7. If you are already in a Clan now,
    please give that clan's name and the clan TAG:
    (Don't worry, this info will be held confidential)

  8. If you have been in any Clans before,
    please list all the clan's name and the clan TAG:
    (if you have not been in another clan, type "NONE")

  9. How old are you ?:

  10. If you know any Members of the [yW] Clan, please list some of them :

  11. Which is your favorite Half-life Mod?

  12. Please enter how and where you heard about the [yW] Clan first ?
    (from a web link, a [yW] Member, WON Chat ,etc)

  13. Tell us a little about yourself. What are your computer skills? Can you make Halflife scripts, logos/decals, maps, models/skins, sprites?

    (If you can not, it DOES NOT MATTER, dont worry, we just want to know if you have any "super-duper" skills.)

    What are some of your hobbies or other games you like to play ?

  14. Tell us WHY you want to JOIN this Clan ?

  15. Tell us what you have to offer the Clan and what YOU will do to make this a better Clan, how will you help out ? Basicly convince us WHY we should make you a Member .

    The -[yW] Clan- gives a --LOT-- to our Members, we EXPECT -THEM- to give "some" HELP back. A clan is just a GROUP of people, If -ALL- the Members are helpful to one another, then it is a GREAT Clan like the [yW] Clan. We "SCREEN" our applicants to ENSURE we stay a GREAT Clan. If you think it is 'UNREASONABLE' for the [yW] Clan to EXPECT -YOU- to spend about 10% of YOUR "gameing time" helping with Clan Duties or helping other Members, then maybe you dont want to TRY OUT for OUR Clan. If you have what it takes , you WILL be PROUD to wear the [yW] TAG.

  16. How long do you want to be in the [yW] Clan for?

  17. Click the "SUBMIT" button to submit this completed REQUEST form to the PoWERFUL [yW] Clan.

    IF you do
    -NOT-want to REQUEST a TRY OUT right now, then click the "do NOT SUBMIT and just go back to the JOIN Page" link at the bottom of the page .

Click here to NOT SUBMIT your REQUEST and to just go back to the JOIN Page

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